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CBT Structures


Consist of 15 questions, focused on key numeracy skills required in healthcare, including medication dosage calculations and metric units. The duration is 30 minutes.


Consist of 100 multiple-choice questions assessing broad clinical knowledge relevant to nursing and midwifery in the UK. The test duration is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Why Us?


We'll give you lots of materials to use before you come to our training sessions, both online and in person. This includes videos, slideshows, and forms to help you practice. You'll also get to try some mock exams to get a feel for what it's really like, and you'll get feedback from our teachers to help you improve. Plus, we'll give you a study guide to help you learn on your own.


Even after our training sessions are over, you'll still have access to all our resources and guidelines through our online learning platform. This way, you can keep learning and practicing until you take your exam.


We don't just stop once the training is over. We'll give you support before your exam with a mentor, our online learning platform, and a study guide with a suggested timeline. We'll also have competence tests and resit preparation to make sure you're ready to do your best on exam day.


How much is the CBT exam?

The fee for sitting both parts (Part A and Part B) of the CBT is £83. Resit fees vary:

  • Resit both Part A and B: £83
  • Resit Part A only: £50
  • Resit Part B only: £70

For more details, visit NMC's CBT fee page

How can I book my CBT exam?

After NMC verifies your qualifications and issues an Authorisation to Test (ATT) via email, Pearson Vue will send you an email to create an account for booking the exam. For Test of Competence for return to practice, book through your NMC Online account. Pearson Vue's website is here.

Do I need to show my identity at the test centre?

Yes, you must present your valid passport at the test centre for identity verification. It should be the same passport as in your NMC Online account. If you have a new passport, contact NMC to update the information.

How can I select the right exam and modules?

Carefully choose the exam that matches your application type to avoid having to retake the exam. The exam codes are specific to each nursing or midwifery field. The exam codes that match each application type are:

  • Adult nurse – RNA
  • Mental health nurse - RNMH
  • Learning disabilities nurse - RNLD
  • Children’s nurse - RNC
  • Midwife - RM

For example, if you’re applying to the adult nursing part of our register you should select:

  • Exam: RNA 2021: Adult nurse
  • Module 1: RNA 2021: Adult nurse - Part A: Numeracy only
  • Module 2: RNA 2021: Adult nurse - Part B: Clinical only
When will I receive my results?

Results for each part (Part A and Part B) are available immediately after the test and within 48 hours in your Pearson Vue account. NMC Online updates within 48 hours too, showing an overall result. NMC doesn't provide further feedback to maintain test integrity.

If I fail, when can I re-take the CBT?

You can re-take only the part you failed. You have three attempts within one year, with a minimum of 10 days between each sitting. After three failed attempts, your application closes, and you must wait six months to reapply and sit the CBT again.

What do I do after passing the CBT ?

Once you've passed the CBT, provide a screenshot of your NMC portal confirming your pass, and the next steps for your arrival in the UK will be initiated.

For more detailed information and updates, please refer to the NMC's CBT information page.

Reference: https://www.nmc.org.uk/registration/joining-the-register/toc/toc-2021/cbt/